**Withdrawn from Programme**
Author / Presenter: Chris Jobling and Debbie Baff
Session: Lightning Talk

This lightning talk shares useful experiences of undertaking free open and online continued professional development courses including the bring your own device for learning (BYOD4L)  a 5 day open online course developed by Sue Beckingham of Sheffield Hallam University and Chrissi Nerratzni of Manchester Metropolitan University and Swansea’s own micro-CPD events 10 Days and 5 Days of Twitter and more recently 5 Days of EndNote. 

It also highlights experiences with the weekly bite-sized CPD event #LTHEchat where two colleagues at Swansea University have graduated from ‘lurker’,  to being members of the organising team for the period of April to June 2016.  This and the emergence of other community initiatives such as 12 Apps of Christmas and OneMinuteCPD suggest that these short CPD events work and could be useful in building a Community of Practice at Swansea and linking our colleagues in to the already vibrant HE Networks. The concept can be applied across disciplines and therefore will be of interest to colleagues across the university.