* Update* This session has been withdrawn from the programme due to unforseen circumstances and is no longer available
Author: Chris Jobling
Session: Workshop

With the University’s subscription to Office 365, there are suddenly a number of new opportunities for developing technology enhanced learning. These include Microsoft Mix for enhanced interactive presentations, Microsoft Sway for content curation and of course all the collaborative features that Office 365 itself provides. Microsoft is also committed to supporting as many platforms as possible so many of these new features cloud-based and are accessible (in some sense) on any device.  Given the relocation to the Bay campus and the need to adapt my in-class practice to the new learning spaces which don’t have convenient access to white or black boards, I’ve been trialing Microsoft OneNote as a potential white board replacement. As I started to experiment with this technology, MS released a new add-on for education called the OneNote Class Notebook which is essentially a content delivery system with collaborative and personal note taking built in. I’m using it to deliver my class handout;, I demonstrate mathematical techniques on a virtual whiteboard in class (and the results are automatically available to all students afterwards); and the students are using it to submit portfolios of their lab work. I can report that early student feedback has been positive and as the tools become more established, OneNote Class Notebook has the potential to be the ultimate class content and activity delivery platform which could free us and our students from the tyranny of the VLE. In this workshop, I will demonstrate OneNote and the features of the Class Notebook and show the delegates how I’ve been using it with my students.