Author:  Rhian Meara, Audrey Cameron, Gary Quinn and Rachel O’Neil
Session: Presentation

The BSL Glossary Project focuses on developing scientific terminology in British Sign Language for use in the primary, secondary and tertiary education of deaf and hard of hearing students within the UK. Thus far, the project has developed 850 new signs covering Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Astronomy and Mathematics. The project has also included the translation of examinations into BSL with excellent feedback from users across Scotland. The current phase of the project has focussed on developing terminology for Geography and Geology subjects. More than 189 new signs have been developed in these subjects including weather, rivers, maps, natural hazards and Geographical Information Systems. The signs have been developed by a focus group with expertise in Geography and Geology, Chemistry, Ecology, BSL Linguistics and Deaf Education all of whom are deaf fluent BSL users.