Author: Yunqing Xuan
Session: Presentation

The Python programming language has been developing very rapidly over recent years. Like the R language, more and more researchers are now moving their entire tool-chain to Python from traditional technical computing tools, such MATLAB due to its open-source nature and excellent community support. In the meantime, there have been heated discussions as well regarding the use of those open-source tools (R & Python) in the area of technical computing teaching, in particular, teaching in Data Analytics. The latest development in IPython/Jupyter makes Python stand out as a teaching tool/environment. The potential transition now looks more appealing and rewarding and in fact, it will help to address many long-term issues in the traditional MATLAB-based teaching environment.

In this talk, I will demonstrate my recent experiment on a Jupyter based platform showing how this can be implemented to support and improve teaching subject like Statistics or Data analysis. I will focus on:
1. In-class delivery and interactive teaching using the platform.
2. Off-campus support and self-learning.
3. Assessment and prospect of integration within the Blackboard system.

Keywords: Computer-based teaching, Jupyter, Python, Data Analytics