Author: Jennie James
Session: Presentation

More than ever employability is playing an increasing role when potential students consider their university choices. Swansea University is currently number 1 in Wales and sixteenth in the UK for employability , which demonstrates the collaboration and partnership between the Swansea Employability Academy, academic colleges and the Student Union. Under the Step4Excellence, incorporating the Student Life Network and Pastoral Academic Mentoring, the SEA Strategy 2016 – 2020 and the overall university strategy, employability is now a leading agenda across all academic colleges.
Working in collaboration with the Swansea Employability Academy, a number of academic colleges and departments have embedded a broad range of employability activities across the curriculum, one of these being the SEA Award.
The SEA Award encourages students to develop their own independent learning and plan and adapt for their future careers. By undertaking the SEA Award students have engaged in the learning experience by developing their self-awareness, understanding what they could offer future employers and taking action to develop their skills, learning and employability.
Academic departments have advised that when students have undertaken the SEA Award their course rankings have improved, as well as student engagement. Students have the opportunity, through the SEA Award, to develop their experiential learning and develop their own independent learning whilst receiving accreditation on their HEAR.
Learning Outcomes (through an interactive session incorporating student and academics perspectives):
• Understand the SEA Award and the power it has to engage students and support them in consolidating their learning and take ownership for their employability.
• Share and discuss innovative practice models and learn how different disciplines have creatively applied delivery and assessment strategies to suit their needs.
• Evaluate the practicalities of incorporating the SEA Award into your teaching in your college or department.