Author: Sarah Norris
Session: Presentation

The aim of my ethnographic study, undertaken for a PhD, was to explore the teaching and learning experience of midwifery mentors and student midwives in a midwifery led unit (MLU).The findings of the study reflect the diverse nature of student midwives’ experience of mentorship and learning in practice.

The findings of the study reveal that much of the midwives’ knowledge in the midwifery led setting is tacit, and their decision making is implicit. I have adapted a praxis of Cognitive Apprenticeship for use in the midwifery led setting as a framework for teaching and learning, which has pedagogical implications for teaching complex knowledge. It enables mentors to make their invisible thinking visible to students. The relationship of Cognitve Apprenticeship is dynamic, requiring the equal commitment between mentor and student.

I will present the adapted framework of Cognitive Apprenticeship for midwifery mentors and student midwives, illustrating how the concept emerged from the findings of the study through the use of data extracts. I will then propose how the framework can be adapted for use across practice based learning in any discipline and can be used to bring structure and equity to the student experience acoss a variety of settings, contributing to a multidisciplinary approach.