Author: Paula Row, Amy Bazley, Ed Dudley
Session: Poster

Conversations with students in GenBio have revealed that many students do not know how to access the feedback that is available for them on Grademark and are, in fact, unaware that the feedback exists. A meeting with another department has suggested that this is a campus-wide problem. The danger is that this will cause students to return a poor score in the NSS (National Student Survey) questions about Feedback, namely:

7) Feedback on my work has been prompt

8) I have received detailed comments on my work

9) Feedback on my work has helped me clarify things I did not understand

We present here a guide for students about accessing Grademark Feedback, written by Amy Bazley of the Medical School Student Information and Education Office, which has been uploaded onto Blackboard for Students in the Medical School to consult. Current Medical School practice is that the email telling students that their marks and feedback are ready for them on Grademark, also points them to this guide.

The work described in this poster is relevant to:
Area of Activity A3 of the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF): Assess and give Feedback to Learners.

And links to:
Core Knowledge K3 of the UKPSF:
The Use and Value of Appropriate Learning Technologies.

Some Grademark Feedback tips for staff are also presented.