Author: Susanne Darra
Session: Presentation

Midwives undertake a wide range of skills and upon qualifying as midwives they will be expected to undertake these skills safely and effectively as part of their practice. Therefore it follows that they must be supported as student midwives to practice these in order to develop appropriate competence and confidence.
Many midwifery skills are not currently specifically identified in the NMC Standards for Pre-registration midwifery education (2009). Over time in Wales it became clear that student midwives were permitted to undertake some skills in some Health Boards and Universities, whilst in others they were not. Therefore some midwives were qualifying from universities in Wales and entering their new posts feeling unprepared to undertake a number of particular but very important midwifery skills. Some examples of these are: the administration of prescribed Vitamin K injections to babies and preparing intravenous infusions for women experiencing a complex labour.
My presentation will discuss how I worked with the other three Lead Midwives for Education in Wales, with student midwives and with Heads of Midwifery to develop and implement an All Wales Midwifery Pre-Qualifying Skills Passport (PQSP), to address these shortcomings. The passport is in use throughout the Principality and is evaluated very well