Author: Beryl Mansel
Session: Lightning Talk

The aim of the guided discovery learning method of a storyboard was to support learners to connect interrelated facts and concepts and apply these to their nursing practice. Storyboards are a process that was developed to encourage learners to use the creative right brain and the critical left brain to formulate ideas within a group and then to view those ideas critically. The storyboards present snapshots of the students interface. However the interaction is only part of the story. The universal aspects of guided discovery learning is that teaching begins by posing a task and that students themselves contribute to the knowledge development for themselves. The storyboard approach was utilised with 4 groups of 4, return-to-practice nursing students. Their task was to create a story to include a definition, a description and application of the benefits of the elements of emotional intelligence (EI) in to nurse leadership. The students evaluation and feedback was positive ‘great session and interactive’  ‘was stimulating and fun whilst learning new concepts’. The guided discovery learning method of a storyboard, which utilised student-centred activities was an effective approach in developing the learners’ understanding of EI but also the application to practice together with communication, team-working and leadership skills required to complete the task.