Author: Elizabeth Stratton, Sandy George, Sarah Roberts, Lori Havard
Session: Workshop

The Step4Excellence Programme is a collaborative project aimed at creating an experience for students and staff that is sector leading. One of the Academic and Pastoral Theme Group targets is to firmly lay the foundations of recognising and developing study skills in the University. Research has shown that students entering HE require help and support with the transition, especially in the development of study skills. Furthermore, staff at Higher Education Institutions need to understand what skills incoming students may or may not have, and this can be done by auditing the student’s skill sets once they arrive at university. In light of this, the group has conducted research into current study skills provision across the University via a staff questionnaire, and created a draft skills audit to use with students entering Swansea University.
This workshop aims to share findings from the questionnaire and to identify examples of best practice in teaching study skills that can be used as a model for future development. It will also allow opportunity for feedback regarding the skills audit and serve as a platform for discussion on the wider agenda. We will provide ideas of how to audit your students’ skills and give an insight into the resources that will be available to support you in supporting your students as they progress through their learning journey.