Author: Sue Mortimer
Session: Presentation

Transforming the student learning experience lies at the heart of the modern-day HE agenda and must remain a priority as we differentiate ourselves from competitors and attract, engage and retain more students. This can be achieved by the ‘’Triple  V’ model of experiential learning, as developed by the present author, which focuses on Vision, Value and Vocation. The theory behind the model is supported by practical examples of the ‘’Triple V’ model which can be used by lecturers from across disciplines.  Arguably given that ‘the whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows’ (Harris), then this model will guide educators through practical pathways to transform the student learning experience from an introspective, self-reflective mirror view into an outward-looking vista, viewing the wider world beyond university through a window of employability. Evidence-based results have informed the innovative methods of teaching which illustrate the ‘Triple V’ model. Four scenarios will be reviewed which were trialled with students – actual and prospective alike – whose feedback informed, shaped and honed the ‘Triple V’ model.