Author: Cornelia Tschichold
Session: Lightning Talk

In an effort to increase student engagement and learning in an MA module, I experimented with Blackboard’s Adaptive Release feature quite extensively. The module was one that aimed at either introducing or revising the terminology and the formal basics of the students’ MA topic and one that students found quite hard. Following Dunlosky et al (2013), practice testing via Blackboard quizzes was planned as a central element of the students‘ learning. For each week, a short quiz was devised and placed as the first item on Blackboard for that week’s folder. The quiz was aimed at a level that could easily be passed by someone who had studied linguistics at some point in the past. Results from that quiz were used via the adaptive release feature to give the students access to the other documents for that week, i.e. the lecture notes and the exercises. These quizzes and several other items were also linked to Blackboard’s achievements, in order to reap the benefits of gamification, as far as this is possible within this LMS.