Author: Elizabeth Evans, Rhian Meara
Session: Poster

A frequent problem in undergraduate teaching spaces is the gap between assumed and actual knowledge in computer-based practical classes where the undergraduates are expected to have an inherent understanding of computers and software. However, in Geography the students come from a broad range of subject backgrounds and very few students have received systematic training in common software packages. Computer practicals aim to teach students the application of software but many student questions revolve around how to use the software not how to apply it to the topic at hand.
To assist in independent learning we have devised a series of short tutorial videos working with geography related data types and scenarios. We propose to have the videos accessible through blackboard and hosted on YouTube. The videos have been produced in English with plans to collaborate with Dr Rhian Meara (Welsh medium lecturer) to translate captions into Welsh. Advantages of using videos include allowing students to pause, rewind or watch the video again unlike a single demonstration from a lecturer.
Current plans are for the videos to be available for the 2016/17 academic year. Feedback from student users will be measured through YouTube ratings and comments, and face to face conversations.