Author: Joanne Berry
Session: Lightning Talk

Going to university marks a major life transition, one that many new students are not fully prepared for. Not only do they have to cope with a new learning environment that forces them to be more independent, but most also have to deal with living away from home for the first time. They have to make new friends, structure their studies, and learn how to look after themselves.
In 2015 lecturers in the Department of History and Classics set up a ‘peer mentoring’ scheme to support the transition from school to university, and to encourage engagement with our department. This paper will describe this scheme: how it was set up, how mentors were trained, how mentors and mentees were matched. More importantly, and based on feedback from both mentors and mentees, it will focus on the achievements of the scheme, the difficulties that were faced, and the lessons that were learned. This will be of relevance to others in the university who are setting up peer mentoring schemes.