Author: Dmitri Finkelshtein
Session: Lightning Talk

Starting from the secondary school students usually stop to see any connections between Maths and Science except the using of numbers in the latter. At University even good students often may get a (high-class) degree without any ideas about realisation of the obtained knowledge in real-world problems. On the other hands, a lot of mathematical conceptions indeed do not require any implementation and exist within themselves. This together with natural bounds for the length of a module imply that mathematical topics related to Science are not usually considered at all. The idea of interdisciplinary Maths being definitely not new remains important within last decades. Is it possible to include interdisciplinary counterpart in a Maths module?  The additional specific of the problem is necessity of the traditional way in study of Maths, the way that can be considered as an ancient but that is close to be unique. In the talk, we will try to specify the particular problems in the study of other sciences within a maths module, consider possible ways to solve them, and predict possible subtle points on that ways.