Author: Adam Shore
Session: Workshop

A model for embedding entrepreneurship within a programme, either as a stand-alone module, or as an assessment item within a module is discussed.

The session holds the view that entrepreneurship is not something special that a few people are born with. Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking that can be nurtured.

The ACRO model was developed by the Welsh Government and introduced to focus on the attitudes, skills and behaviours needed to enable young people to meet the needs of business in the 21st century. Initial research conducted by the Welsh Government identified the characteristics commonly displayed by entrepreneurs. This considered the everyday business tasks and underlying skills and attitudes of the entrepreneur. The model breaks the characteristics down into four key dimensions and is summed up by the acronym ACRO – this covers all the important aspects of entrepreneurial behaviour.

Following the introduction of the ACRO model Participants will be encouraged to participate in an active session in order to demonstrate how experiential learning can be used to embed entrepreneurship within a module. Case study examples from a suite of modules developed over the past 6 years, backed with pedagogical research and good practice from a range of countries (including the US, Australia, Denmark, Iceland, and the UK).