Author: Steph Best
Session: Presentation

Next year Facebook will be 13 – the onset of the teenage years. In this time the use of social media has grown exponentially (wearesocial, 2016) so idea of bringing discussion boards into the assessment process is perhaps unsurprising? Yet it is not an established process therefore applying this approach brings with it challenges and opportunities (Moran et al 2011).

This presentation will set out the background to establishing the discussion board as a summative assessment for an undergraduate programme before exploring the growing pains of developing the approach over the last few years as it moves into its ‘teenage phase’ and continues to develop. Finally the challenges and positives of employing a novel method will be shared.

Attendees will be encouraged to contribute their experiences and views on the process of discussion boards and blogs for summative assessment.

Planned outcomes:

To promote awareness of potential opportunities to try innovative summative assessment approaches to engage students and enhance assessment processes

To share practice and learning; offering practical advice to enable others to adopt this approach if appropriate for their modules

To highlight some possible pitfalls and possible options

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