Author: Debbie Baff
Session: Poster

This poster outlines the details of the Open Digital Badges pilot project that is being undertaken as part of the SALT Learning and Teaching Conference in 2016.

Swansea Academy of Learning and Teaching (SALT) is undertaking a pilot to introduce the concept of Open Digital Badges to the institution.

Building on lessons learned and best practice elsewhere ….the pilot aims to :

  • raise awareness of #OpenBadges
  • develop understanding and explore potential for the use of Open Digital Badges across the institution
  • evaluate associated tools, processes and practical issues that need to be taken into account when adopting Open Digital Badges.


Adopting a similar approach to that undertaken by Open Badges Projects at Borders College and the University of Sussex, the SALT Open Badges Pilot focuses on the introduction of Open Digital Badges for staff at our Annual Learning and Teaching Conference in June 2016 (#SUSALT16).


Open Digital Badges are not currently used within Swansea University and awareness of application and potential uses is assumed to be limited .